Still Strength Blanco
Pasote Tequila

Pasote Tequila, Still strength Blanco

We are proud to have contributed to the development of the new Pasote Tequila, Still Strength Blanco. This bottle is made from ripe blue agave grown in the Jalisco Highlands and water filtered from volcanic rock.

SERAM has teamed up with NEYRET, as a same group Maison NEYRET, to create a woven Jacquard label that enhances the pure color of this slender bottle.

This label, woven from 8 colors of polyester yarn, was inspired by the calaveras (sugar skulls) used as an “ofrenda” (offering) on Día de los Muertos to represent the soul of a deceased person. Illustrated in the style of an Aztec god, the skull features bright colors typical of Mexico and its region.

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