Eco Friendly

Seram is part of a desire to do better and better. We offer you a range of ” Eco friendly “ products, respecting the environment. We design our collections by considering their relevance for the preservation of the planet and the well-being of human and animal.

“Eco-friendly” decorations and ornaments for the good of the planet !

We strive to find virtuous solutions for our customers.
This desire is at the heart of our DNA and we do everything we can to offer you new “eco-materials”

Our eco-designed decorations are made from biosourced, recycled, biodegradable or OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, CQ570/1 (classe I) or CQ570/2 (classe II), IFTH, labeled materials.  

Biosourced materials

Our biosourced materials are produced from organic plant fibers.
They have the advantage of being made from raw materials that are renewed every year at the rate of harvests : 
Organic cotton GOTS / Bamboo and FSC paper / Suede made from sugar cane / PU made from corn or cactus leaves

Recycled materials

Our recycled materials are made from fibers obtained from the recovery of our waste.
Ribbons and woven labels resulting from the reprocessing of plastic bottles / PU made from apple waste  / Textiles made from pineapple leaves or banana trunks  / Salmon leather / Cords made from recycled jeans / Composites from scraps of leather, porcelain, oyster shells and wood

Biodegradable materials

Our biodegradable materials decompose without harmful effects on the environment, thanks to favorable conditions of temperature, humidity, light and oxygen ) and under the action of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, algae).
They come from :
Natural materials such as cotton, linen, hemp, wood, jute, raffia  
Artificial materials such as Lyocell, Tencel, Bananatex®, Pinarex®

Seram is very attached to the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label. 

It allows us to guarantee you in a simple and standardized way an item that is not harmful to health or the skin. The product does not represent any danger for the final consumer.

Labels we care about :

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