Collection héritage Carlos I

Osborne, Carlos I Heritage Collection

SERAM illustrates its expertise in this unique, irreplaceable and very limited edition, with numbered bottles personally signed by master blender Marcos Alguacil.

The Carlos I Heritage collection is considered a saga of oenological jewels.

Carlos I Legacy Collection SB is an exclusive blend, made with century-old casks from the mid-19th century, that combines a first-class solera from the historic San Bartolomé cask with a selection of Carlos I soleras from the Osborne family reserve. The result is a sensory symphony. An elegant, balsamic Brandy de Jerez, with aromas of vanilla and noble wood, and fine notes of chocolate and sandalwood.

Seram produced the painted and embossed aluminum collar, as well as the plate on the bottle case of this unique collection.

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