1 January 2019

Personalized and eco-responsible gifts are popular

pochons made in France, tissu et cordon, fibres recyclées, porte-clés personnalisables, patch textile découpé et gravé au laser

SERAM launches a collection of pouches made in France and designed with customizable fabrics and loops made of recycled fibers. The company relies on its historical textile expertise, combined with its multiple and innovative technological know-how. It reaffirms its commitment to eco-friendly approach.

This offer is part of a wider range of gifts, including in-store customizable keyrings, which suggests an interactive customer experience: the metal keyrings are adorned with a laser-cut and laser-engraved textile patch, ready to receive either metal letters – manual deposit – or a hot stamping made by the Gravotech process, via an application. As a luxury attribute, SERAM’s customizable gifts illustrate its mission to provide added value to brands.

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