2 September 2019

News Packaging – Yves Saint Laurent

similicuir, toucher suédine doux, sérigraphie, relief, découpe et contre-collage sur papier imprimé, décors adhésivés posés manuellement

SERAM adorns Yves Saint Laurent make-up pallets.

From exotic inspiration, the limited editions of the 2019 Yves Saint Laurent Summer Palettes feature a chic leatherette design with a soft touch suede. They are embellished with a silkscreened two-tone palm pattern and YSL signature. As a technical challenge, the relief effect is obtained thanks to a meticulous process of cutting and lamination on printed paper, requiring a flawless positioning. The adhesive labels are affixed manually. Seram has designed 2 versions: earthy color for the Bronzing Stone palette, and green color for the eye shadow palette.

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