Penhaligon’s AlUla

A dream sanctuary on the incense trail.

SERAM took part in the development of the Penhaligon’s AlUla fragrance, by developing the siliconized jacquard ribbon bow mounted on an elastic ring.

A fragrance that will plunge you into the serene atmosphere of a sanctuary. Composed of plum, patchouli oasis, vanilla and turmeric breaths reminiscent of desert and palm trees. This mysterious, enchanting combination is sublimated with scents of spice, tobacco and incense that escape from this fragrance to form a desert of saffron sand. Ah, Penhaligon’s AlUla. The vanilla winds whisper a sweet lullaby. Born of sand, lost in the horizon, an oasis appears before us.

This fragrance takes on a historical meaning as it pays homage to the city of AlUla, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was a trading city linking India and the Persian Gulf to the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe in the 19th century.  AlUla was known for its luxury goods, such as myrrh, spices, pearls, ebony, precious stones and fine fabrics.

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