Custom-made ornament for the Canaïma Gin bottle with a recycled paper leaflet accompanied by a waxed lace cord.

Canaima Gin reflects the botanical heritage of the Pemon Indians of this region. Handpicked from the remote depths of the Amazon rainforest by indigenous communities, the botanicals are then individually macerated and distilled in Venezuela in a traditional 500L copper still. The Master Distiller then blends the different plant distillates obtained.

Canaïma is committed to the preservation of this precious cultural heritage. The brand donates 10% of its sales to NGOs and volunteer networks that work to preserve the culture and heritage of the Amazonian indigenous people. Collaborating with the Tierra Viva Foundation and Saving the Amazon, Canaïma gin participates in the creation of sustainable jobs by entrusting the artisanal production of its communication tools to indigenous women. In addition, the brand also fights the destruction of the Amazon and promotes reforestation.


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