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SERAM ASIA: 22.339583, 114.149542
SERAM EUROPE: 45.329718, 4.318614
SERAM LATIN AMERICA: -22.913395, -43.200710
SERAM AMERICA: 40.743730, -73.985882
SHOW ROOM PARIS : 48.853997, 2.340047
SERAM SRI LANKA: 7.873054, 80.771797
SERAM MADAGASCAR: -18.766947, 46.869107
SERAM CHINE: 29.688053, 107.226562
Site de production
Site de commercialisation
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Seram Madagascar

A production subsidiary completely integrated in Seram

Since its creations, Seram has developped a strategy of integration of the assembly operations within its own plants in order to provide quality and ethically products.

Located in the capital Tananarive, our production subsidiary of Madagascar, created in 1991, masters all the production and assembling know how linked to our activity.

An integrated process unique in the world

350 people work at this site. A new building meeting the most demanding criteria of industrial performance and employees’ well being was inaugurated at the end of 2013.
Our process is first of all based on very precisemanual gestures and the physical skills of our staff. Manual operations are very important because no machine can replace the dexterity, variety and meticulousness of operators’ movements. Connected with industrial operating methods and an extremely precise organization, the integrated process is unique in the world.

So, manual precision, logistical management, industrial organization, the management of information and production flows, the quality controls, the fulfilment of clients’ commitments all play into the daily challenges of this production site.

The integration enables us to assure you that these production operations are carried out correctly paying close attention to ethical considerations.

This business unit, as well as the one in Sri Lanka, is the essential link in the fulfilment of our quality and delivery times commitments with our clients.



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Seram America

Located in the fashion district of Manhattan

Being the world leader in the ornamentation for SERAM also means : “being in the right place.” Located in the heart of the “Fashion District” of Manhattan at the corner of Madison Avenue and 33rd Street, two blocks from the Empire State Building, our American showroom is the meeting point with you, our customers from north America.


SERAM, local player for the US market and North America

This commercial structure is essentially dedicated to the relationship with you, our customers, in addition to new business development. Possessing a strong core of American culture and situated in the heart of NYC, SERAM AMERICA is a local recognized player in the USA and Canada.

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Seram Asia

Be present and accessible for Asia

10 minutes from Hong Kong’s city center, 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the two main exhibition centers, SERAM’s Hong-Kong office is ideally located to welcome our customers in our showroom.

This office is also two hours by train and ferry to all major cities in southern China, where our logistics center is located.


Offer the proximity of a local player

The team, mainly dedicated to the relationship with our customers and business development in the Asian area, is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, Japanese and Korean.

Real local actor, SERAM Hong Kong is specialized to handle the needs of the Asian market and adapts its products and services to customer requirements in this area.

The daily challenge of this team is to be close to European and American standards, while adapting to the specificities of the Asian market.

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Seram Chine

Logistics Platform Asian area: Guaranteeing service excellence


Seram China is based in XIAOLAN in southern China and was founded in 2007. Our 60 persons staff provides a logistical proximity with our trade office in Hong Kong, our Asian customers and many of our suppliers/ partners.

The site is the logistics platform and a production site for the entire Asian market. Thus, the productions, logistical flows and the quality control of orders in this part of the world are managed from the subsidiary. It is tasked with leading Seram’s pursuit of excellent service to our client in Asia.


A multicultural team

A product development team is also part of the staff in order to respond to the demands of Asian customers as quickly as possible.

Our multicultural team communicates with other subsidiaries’ teams throughout the world and is engaged in the fulfilment of the commitments that we have untertaken with you and all our international customers.

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Seram Europe

Be rooted in the heart of French territory …

SERAM was created in 1986, at the gates of Auvergne, in an area known for its values of dynamism, hard work and good business sense, in a region also known for its textile production and innovation.

Threfore it is not by coincidence that the headquarters of SERAM International is located in these parts, drawing on its roots, relying on ancestral know-how to look toward the future and the broader global market.


Feel the spirit of the times …

So it is in Saint Just-Malmont, in Haute-Loire that the heart of SERAM is beating. At almost 1,000 meters above sea level, SERAM constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Everything is done to preserve the fundamentals of the company and the know-how with high added value: management, creation, research and development center, engineering, quality, sourcing, international logistics, sales and marketing, sampling, financial wing and IT.

Innovation, service and pride in what we do are at the core of our work at SERAM and can be found throughout our entire one hundred person tam.


Imagining and producing in France

The headquarter of SERAM also includes  a second site, dedicated to production operations which require high level of technicals competence in order to create  a truly unique product line on offer to our client.

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Seram Latin America

Being a local player for Brazil and Latin America

A brazilian law firm founded in 2013, this sales office is dedicated to client relationships and business development of the South American market.
SERAM Latin America is located in the center of Rio of Janeiro, in the heart of the business district of Carioca.


Promote proximity

A local player, SERAM LATIN AMERICA adapts product offerings and its logistical organization in order to meet the needs of the South American market and to offer more targeted products and services adapted to customers in this area.
For Brazilians customers and other countries in South America, SERAM LATIN AMERICA is a true local player.

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Seram Sri Lanka

A production subsidiary created in 1997 by SERAM

SERAM has always developed an integrated assembly operations strategy in its own factories rather than using subcontractors. This is done to ensure quality products and assume full control over the working conditions of its employees.

Located close to road and air access, our production subsidiary of Sri Lanka, founded in 1997, controls all the expertise assembly and production related to our business.


An integrated process based on SERAM men and women

300 people work at the Sri Lankan sproduction site. Our process is primarily based on the high accuracy of the precision and the skill of our staff. Manual operations are crucial : we know, no machine can replace the manual skill, variety and meticulousness of the actions of our operators. Coupled with industrial procedures and a precise organization, our integrated process is unique.

Thus, the high level of precision, logistics management, industrial organization, management of information flows and production, quality control, compliance with customer commitments are among the daily challenges of this production unit.
This integration also helps to ensure that these production operations are performed in a structure with a strong ethical dimension (learn more about our audits of our subsidiaries or actions).

This unit, much like Madagascar, is the indispensable link which allows us to maintain our high level of quality while continuing to respect our delivery times to our customers.

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Show Room Paris

At the heart of the capital of fashion

Because Paris is the capital of fashion worldwide, our showroom is located in the heart of Paris’s 6th arrondissement, adjacent to high-end boutiques and many of the most prestigious fashion brands.


Come and be inspired :

Accessories, ornaments, decorations and identification of packaging or clothing, gifts and promotional items… all collections are available on site, in addition to the latest developments and innovations.

A sales team specialized in technical knowhow and exceptional service, welcomes our customers from Monday to Friday from 9am to18pm by appointment.