Thanks to our global logistical setup, SERAM guarantees consistent quality, reactivity and unique flexibility in both production and delivery. Producing in the ideal location (or across them all) allows us to offer you the best pricing possible for which ever type of project you might be considering.


 Reactivity and flexibility of the organization

The choice and distribution of our worldwide production sites are thought with the aims of generating activity and flexibility at all times. Producing in the best place, regardless of the complexity of the item, the best time and optimizing costs, is our daily challenge

The geographic breakdown of our subsidiaries allows to secure flow in case of climatic incidents, political conflicts, changes in costs and currency. For you, it is a unique guarantee and security in our business.

 A unified organization of production sites

All our sites master all the skills of SERAM, have a stock of raw materials, use the same management tools and share real-time information.

 A flow of exchanges

On all sites, employees are regularly trained to optimize processes, ensure the versatility of the teams and manage the production flow changes thanks to the latest communication technologies.
The exchanges between the teams and the sites are numerous and contribute to the performance of the whole.

Every week, dozens of transport is organized between sites to ensure customer service.