Industrial integration

700,000 pieces are produced each day. Our automated machinery is responsible for a wide variety of operations and applications of all types, from small scale to large. Whether they are requests for identification and accessorizing, orders of existing items within our collections or completely customized developments, Seram has the capacity to handle your project.


Manual and automatic production

The production tool of SERAM combines manual know-how and automatic production.

Our machinery allows us to provide most cutting operation, lamination of raw materials, customization of certain items, crimping, marking, welding, manufacturing of metal articles…

It is thanks to this and the creativity of our teams that we can offer you a unique proposal in the world for its variety: decoration and identification of packaging or clothing, lingerie and ready-to-wear ornaments, solutions for industry (see our collections)

What SERAM guarantees:

  • The flexibility of the production tool
  • A customer service that can adapt
  • A manual AND automatic Production

The workers who work on manual productions are regularly trained to adapt to new market requirements.

 Expanding the production tool “to lead the race”

We are working to constantly improve our machinery to optimize it, but also – and above all – to meet your future expectations. This work is done in collaboration with our Research and Development department and with the support of a network of industrial partners.