Smartlace, the first connected lace

SERAM INTERNATIONAL & MYPACK unveil SMARTLACE, the first connected lacewith unique digital content for luxury packaging

connected lace

Combining the tradition of an emblematic textile material at the forefront of visual recognition technology, SMARTLACE is at the heart of connected packaging.

MYPACK’s expertise in image recognition has been challenged in a graphic environment where only slight decorative details vary. These variations make each ornament unique, transforming each perfume bottle into a unique and connected object, and allowingbrands to personalize messages to consumers for one-to-one communication. In addition, the patented MYPACK technology allows consumers to add their own personal content. The partnership aims to revolutionize the luxury industry with personalized and customized gift campaigns that are easy to implement.

SERAM INTERNATIONAL has made SMARTLACE possible thanks to its technical expertise in textile ornaments acquired over 30 years. The constraints associated with slight graphic variations involved careful selection of materials and high precision of manufacturing. SMARTLACE also meets the constraints of automated application on packaging, allowing an ultra-customization of unique models, deployable on large series.