Know more about WCA

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program implemented by Intertek aims at improving working conditions and their environmental performance, efficiency and compliance with legislation.

For Seram and its ethical commitment, the participation to this program leads to an external audit without deference and to the improvement of working and environemental conditions.

For our clients, it is the guarantee of improved confidence in the partnership with Seram thanks to a full transparency, less audits to expedite and above all the compliance with our own ethical commitments.

Know more about WCA :

  • Work : Discrimination, discipline, harassment/ abuse, freedom of association, work hours, remunaration, benefits and employment contacts, child labour / forced labour
  • Health and security : premises, fire training and exercices, accidents at work, safety of machines, safety risks, chemical products, hazardous materials, dormitory and canteen
  • Managements systems : documentation and recording, feedback and participation of employees and follow-up corrective actions
  • Environment : legal compliance, environmental management system, waste and emissions.