External ethical audit

The integration of production operations within our own sites reflects our commitment to ethical business. Our production subsidaries are audited on a regular basis by specialized institutes that are independant and recognized because of their expertise, institute such as Intertek, to provide but one example.

 Satisfying the most demanding audit matrix in the field of ethics

The audits regularly made by Intertek allow us to satisfy the most demanding international framework.

The results are in line with our ambitions as far as ethics is concerned: each of our site abroad, in China, Sri-Lanka and Madagascar gets the highest ranking of the WCA standard at each audit. Of course, these certificates are at your disposal if you make the demande to obtain them.


Transparency and visit to SERAM plants

For our clients that want to visit our sites by themselves, we organize travels for “discovering of SERAM site and local cultures” in Sri Lanka and Madascar, which shows our strong desire for transparency.