Look for more ethics

The ethical approach goes further within Seram: it goes without saying that the relationship with our production subsidiaries is built on economical fondations, however, the human factor holds just as much importance.

So we are committed to the improvement of labor and life conditions of our employees, and to the financing of humanitarian projects and operations.

 Improving the life and working conditions of our employees.

To Seram, the human and economic aspects are very closed in our commitments towards our production sites. We act in concrete ways: The constant improvement our working and life conditions of our employees in our plants abroad is encouraged by a budget earmarked for these expenses each year.

 Financing projects for local population

In parallel with the budget that specifically involves our employees, a significant amount is donated by the headquarter to the production subsidiaries each year. In that way, they can finance humanitarian operations, projects and associations helping local population.

Some examples of projects: renovation of schools, book distribution, a village rehabilitation…The actions make sense for us and show our voluntary and pro active approach in the ethical field.