Creation : Gateway to the world

In the whirl of constant motion, our challenge is to bring something unique to our clients, to attract them, to surprise them… Within our design office two teams work hand in hand: a design team and an R&D department.

Our teams create, develop and industrialize the decorations and accessories that become an integral part of our clients’ collections.


Two teams that create for you

Our design office assembles a team of designers, each of them specialized in a particular market, in addition to an R&D department.

Central to the work of these two teams is the creation of new ideas, their adaptation and preparation for the industrialization stage of your specific development.

Surprise and attract/ make you work with us

Constantly creating, surprising, inventing, bringing new ideas: our design teams are continuously renewing our accessories for the packaging (chocolate makers, wine and spirits, food industrialists), fashion (lingerie, ready-to-wear for women and kids, swimwear), industry (automobile, medical fields) and cosmetics (fragrance, skincare and beauty products, and laboratories) collections. Each collection is addressed to all range levels of your clients: luxury, medium and mass market. The substitutability of codes, trends, universe between the different markets on which we are present helps enriching our creation on a daily basis.

Openness to the world

Tracking the last trends, visiting the international fairs, working with freelance designers and renowned designer offices, keeping pace with innovations, looking for the world and codes of our main client on their market, being inspired by their openness to the world, our designer team gives life to many collections that are continuously expanded by an endless creation..