Innovation : inventing your tomorrow’s products

Inventiveness and innovation is at the core of our culture. Our R&D / Innovation team devotes itself to two missions: a continuous technological intelligence and the developing of optimal technical solutions to meet your specifications. Convinced that tomorrow’s markets will be the result of a strong innovative approach full of the constant boiling that prevails on the premises, the R&D team is focused on the future.
Bringing together industrial culture and style: that’s our secret. Our ideas contribute to your products of the future.

A constinous technological intelligence

It is also thanks to our inventiveness and innovation at the core of SERAM culture that we are the world leader in ornamentation. In a constant high-boiling and openness to the outside, our product development/ innovation team is in a continuous technological intelligence step.

 Bringing technical solutions

You have a project? Give us your issues and we will find the most adapted technical solution: Such also is innovation.

Decoration and identification of primary and secondary packaging and cloths is a powerful tool for merchandising, promotional gifts and items, lingerie and ready-to-wear accessories, cutting and textile coatings for industry and for transfers. In this way, our R&D team imagines optimal technical solutions every day. Our goal is to meet your specifications and optimize the application of our products on your production lines.

 Optimizing our know-how

Being worldleader and staying competitive requires continuous quality improvement initiative of our products, processes and know-how. Our technological innovation approach is based on this conviction. That’s why the Product development / innovation team is strongly involved in the continuous search for improvement and optimization of our know-how.