Quality approach

Our knowledge pertaining to quality is a strategic and major asset that allows us to cater  to our client’s demands.

Our quality approach is based on bringing constantly adapted solutions to our clients’ needs as much for the technical specifications of our products as for the actual services we provide.





Industrial integration

700,000 pieces are produced each day. Our automated machinery is responsible for a wide variety of operations and applications of all types, from small scale to large. Whether they are requests for identification and accessorizing, orders of existing items within our collections or completely customized developments, Seram has the capacity to handle your project.




Thanks to our global logistical setup, SERAM guarantees consistent quality, reactivity and unique flexibility in both production and delivery. Producing in the ideal location (or across them all) allows us to offer you the best pricing possible for which ever type of project you might be considering.



Customer proximity

“The person is capital, the customer is precious.”
Putting our customers at the heart of our concerns is the objective of the worldwide network we build. For SERAM, being a world leader means constantly inventing and innovating, but above all being available to meet your needs.