Ethics: Being exemplary

It has always been Seram’s ambition to be exemplary worldwide in the ethics field. Long before many brands required it, we had implemented an ethic policy at the core of our business.

Between ethical audits of all our production sites and overall transparency throughout our organization, we have the concrete elements necessary to back up our track record.


External ethical audit

The integration of production operations within our own sites reflects our commitment to ethical business. Our production subsidaries are audited on a regular basis by specialized institutes that are independant and recognized because of their expertise, institute such as Intertek, to provide but one example.


Look for more ethics

The ethical approach goes further within Seram: it goes without saying that the relationship with our production subsidiaries is built on economical fondations, however, the human factor holds just as much importance.


Know more about WCA

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program implemented by Intertek aims at improving working conditions and their environmental performance, efficiency and compliance with legislation.