Food and Beverage

Filled with accessories to adorn bags, boxes, cases, bottles and carafes… this collection is for food and beverage manufacturers. You will find in this unlimited assortment pieces for differentiation or personalization: bows, ribbons for boxes, seals, giveaway’s, gifts, etc.

This collection is dedicated to you if you are manufacturer in the food and beverage field, either owning your own brand or distributor (MDD).

The collection begins by mass market products progressing to more prestige ones so our offer can cover any markets’ needs.

This wide offer has unlimited solutions for primary and secondary packaging. It contains accessories and ornaments for pouches, bags, candy boxes, boxes, bottles and carafes; it also allows us to respond to the differentiation and personalization need that our clients have. It is also extended to products that promote merchandising: gifts, window display ornaments, give away products …

 Packaging ornaments: foods and beverages

Our range of product is very wide: bows, box ornaments, seals, promotional items… using multiple raw materials as natural or synthetic ribbons, neutral or printed, paper labels, plastic, fabric or leather, non or elastic cords, plastic or metal seals, metal, thin, plastic, plaques.
Each year our collection is expanded with new designed creations, with raw materials and innovative technics. These creations decorate, personalized your articles, on the long term or for occasional events: Valentin’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas, Easter, Branding actions…).

 Innovative solutions for packaging and identification

Beyond our standard collections, our custom items consider your brand identity, your technical issues, your specific charts (IFS, BRC…), the packaging international norms, your problematic (adapted packaging, to simplify application and industrialize your process, stock, logistics…)

From the single functional packaging accessory to the premium decorative accessory for identification, every need is covered thanks to our research and development team and the use of fine products.

You are invited to discover our wide range of articles and know-how that should inspire you: elastic rings, bracelets, coupons, window display decoration, elastics, labels, adhesive labels and plaques, flowers, gifts, tassels, bottle sleeves, bows, trimmings, personalization, metal plaques, pouches, handle bags, printed ribbons, seals, innovative and technical solutions, foie gras towels, ribbons for boxes.