Dedicated to the fragrance, skin-care and make-up industries, this collection offers unlimited solutions for primary and secondary packaging. Thanks to our colorful and varied accessories and ornaments: bows, flowers, ribbons, multi-material labels, metal plaques, gifts, jewels… we can make your product truly unique!

Packaging accessories and ornaments.

This collection has been created for clients in perfume, skincare and makeupareas. Depending on client’s charts, we offer both Prestige and Masstige collections.
This wide offer proposes unlimited solutions for primary and secondary packaging decoration and identification along with the product marketing (POSM).
This collection contains accessories and ornaments for bottles, caps, compacts, lipsticks, boxes, etc. It is extended to products that will boost merchandising: gifts, give away products, decoration for window display, testers, etc. This offer responds to our clients’ growing need of differentiation and customization.

 Packaging decoration, customization.

We have a large range of products: bows, flowers, printed ribbons for boxes, multi material labels, metal plaques, jewels, metal or plastic accessories, varied motifs, promotional accessories, gifts, etc.

Our collections are especially created by designers, with colors selected according to the year tendency. There are being enlarged with our new capabilities in textile, metal and other raw materials, with printing and embossing.

The brand identity is at the center of the creation process. Our ornaments easily allow to fill the gap between fashion and cosmetic worlds.

The ornament creation can become very high-end for limited production, vintages, and exclusives or smallest for miniatures.

Our tests (juice resistance, aging, traction, etc.) and control process are realized according to clients’ charts and requirements.

We study the packaging adapted to the product to facilitate its application and industrialized its process.

You are welcome to discover our wide ranges of articles and know-how that should inspire you: leather accessories, elastic rings, body jewelry, bracelets, charms, coupons, decoration for window display, leaflets, labels and adhesive plaques, flowers, gifts, tassels, bottle sleeves, bows, testers, trimmings, customization, metal plaques, pouches, printed ribbons, seals, technical solutions and innovations, boxes ornaments.