Happy Birthday Seram

1987 => 2017 Seram will celebrate its 30 years.
30 years of design, of innovation, of customers relationship.
Looking back on Seram’s story.

It was difficult to imagine, back in early 1987 when Seram was created in a small unit, relying on a handful of local subcontractors for production, that 30 years later it would be a world leader in its field.

With 800 people across 7 sites, Seram in fact now works with the biggest global brands in lingerie, swimwear and ready-to-wear, as well as in the cosmetics and wine & spirits industries. Seram provides accessories and promotional items for showcasing and enhancing its clients’ products, whatever their market range (luxury or mass market).

One of the secrets of Seram’s success lies in its ability to design new collections and respond creatively to challenges and briefs set by its clients.

A team of 5 stylists in the design studio constantly travel the world, visiting trade shows and shopping centres in search of fresh inspiration for new collections.

Many diverse skills are used in the creation of collections, which allows us to be on a constant journey of reinvention and offer items which combine manual and automatic manufacturing techniques.
Similarly, the wide range of raw materials that we offer and work with also contributes to this perpetual revitalization (textiles, metal, leather, wood, plastic, etc.).

Thanks to our presence on several varied – albeit extremely complementary – markets (fashion, beauty, food & beverage), the horizontal diversification of our items and expertise across all business areas in which Seram is present is a key area of focus for our styling teams.

Seram’s aim has always been to offer unique and distinctive products to its clients, and to this end has a long history of investing in technological innovation. The engineers working in its laboratory (the ‘SLAB’) produce ideas for products that combine tradition with innovation.

One of the latest ideas put forward for the packaging industry was for internet-connected ornaments. In addition to their decorative function, these items provide the consumer with Web access, allowing the brand endless possibilities for connecting with its fans. This shift towards the digital marks a new era for Seram products, and is a testament to the company’s ongoing research efforts.

Seram’s history is built around having one foot in Haute-Loire and the other in the rest of the world, whilst facing the challenge of putting collective intelligence to work across wildly diverse and compatible cultures. Its strong local presence and openness to the rest of the world have been two key factors in the company’s success:

-          Production units in China, Madagascar and Sri Lanka are owned by Seram, guaranteeing total control over the processes that its subsidiaries use and ensuring ethical dimension for production processes.
Since the beginning, it has always been Seram’s ambition to be exemplary in the ethics field. And today it is still true through external ethical audit or actions improving well-being of employees (medical office, social actions…)

-          Sales offices and showrooms in France, Asia and the Americas ensure a local presence for our clients, wherever they are in the world

This international network means that almost two thirds of Seram’s business is in exports. This high level of internationalisation is a significant marker, and is noteworthy for a SME of Seram’s size.

For Seram, the greatest reward is the pleasure that clients get from working with the company. This pursuit of excellence is a daily reality.

Various events have been organised for Seram’s anniversary. During the next few trade shows, including Interfilière, a reception will be held for clients and members of the press at the end of the day, where they will be invited to partake in champagne with the sales teams.

Our designers will be producing exceptional creations for the upcoming shows.


A whole day of events for staff from both Seram Europe and all our subsidiaries is scheduled for September, including a show in which all our employees will be taking part!

For our more athletic colleagues, a team has been signed up for the Beaujolais marathon or half-marathon at the end of November. A great challenge, and a great opportunity for a peek at our Wine & Spirits market!

All this information will of course be heavily broadcast on social media!