Paris, New-York, Hong-Kong or Rio, visit our showrooms:

Our showrooms are ideally situated to welcome you during your trips, exhibitions, shopping,…



The whole of Seram collections is showed: Fashion, Beauty, Industry as well as the last developments and innovations.

We have designed our showrooms to ensure that they are adapted to find novelties or to set up a business meeting on an ongoing project.

So, let’s meet:
In Paris, at the heart of the 6th arrondissement near the boutiques and the most prestigious names in fashion.

In New-York, at the heart of Manhattan’s « fashion district ».

In Hong-Kong located 10 minutes from the city center, 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the two main exhibition centers of Hong-Kong.


And finally, in the center of Rio de Janeiro in the Carioca business district.


Opening showrooms in the main cities where the textile activity and the best shopping destinations for fashion designers are concentrated is also a way of taking care of you and being the nearest to you.