Ergebnisse für March 2016

Neue Gifts und Werbeartikel Kollektion

Aura- Kollektion: für das Angebot von Gifts und Werbeartikeln bestimmt

Als Experten der Textil- und Metalaccessoires, der Personnalisierung und Verbindung, bot Seram schon Ihren Kunden zahlreiche eigenständigen Gifts Kreationen an.

Coming! Pack & Spirit

For the first time, a meeting reserved for packaging and marketing on wines & spirits has took place from 23to 25 March 2016. Seram was there !


This convention convention has set in the exhibition center of Reims and  received a little bit more than 70 companies.
Decorations / embellishing of bottles and small boxes, seals, labels, metal plates, gifts as well as promotional items… Whether you are producer, industrialist or luxury brand, Seram can offer the best suitable solutions so if you can’t see seram’s collection during the convention, do not hesitate to contact us !