When the accessory talks to us!

It was during the PCD exhibition on February that Seram presented its new product: IMO (Interactive Message Ornaments).


The idea is to make the accessory a personalized, a promotional and also a communication object via a QR code. 

On the PCD exhibition, a small decorated box with a box ornament and a metal medal with a QR code on the back was presented.                                                                                        

Naturally the coloring, the shape and the design of the box ornament as well as the medal metal are adapted according to the markets (small box for wines and spirits, box of chocolates…)

Once the client offers the small box snaps it, the QR code gives access to a webpage. This page allows him to enter a customized message that will be delivered when the recipient will snap the QR code himself


Then, it is possible via this QR code to deliver new messages to the owner: for example promotion campaigns, the launch of new collections, special events…

This solution combines the search of ultra-customization and connectivity, which is very much felt on the packaging markets.

Moreover, it is also a way for the brands to forge privileged and targeted links with their customers.


To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us directly.